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Pouyan Saraf
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  • Bootstrap, Materialize
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Android C# Shell (C# Offline Compiler)

7 September 2021

Learn and compile C# on the go using the Mono CLR under Android

*** Premium feature with a 7 day trial period starting at first launch


  • Full C# 8.0 Support
  • Syntax highlighting
  • NuGet package managment
  • Support for multi file projects
  • Show code errors during compilation
  • Show errors in realtime ***
  • Export APK ***
  • Export assembly (exe/dll)
  • Create launcher shortcut to assembly
  • Multiple customizable editor themes ***
  • Editor customization (font size, invisible characters)
  • Basic debugging
  • Support for Console code
  • Support for Xamarin.Forms GUI

Runtime Note:

This is not Visual Studio or Windows.
This app runs on Android and is subject to some of the OS limitations.
Hence Windows only technologies can’t work on Android at all.
This incudes WPF, UWP, Windows Forms, Windows API and all libararies dependant on it.

Also note that the Mono version for Android doesn’t have System.Drawing as it was deemed redundant due to Android.Graphics.

Your device needs free storage that is at a minimum 2 times app size to download and install succesfully – at least 250 MB.

In addition this application compiles everything locally and may not run well on devices with less than 1 GB of RAM and for example a 1.0 GHZ CPU with 4 cores.

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